The 28 Best Face Masks for Every Skin Type and Budget

Take it from someone who owns more than 50 face masks (give or take) but only uses, oh, about five regularly: You don’t need enough face masks to fill a gigantic Sephora store or, heck, even one-sixth of your bathroom cabinet. In fact, face masks (although extremely delightful to use and fun to shop for) can be considered a mere add-on to your regular skincare routine. Using too many formulas—especially if they’re not suited for your specific skin type or concerns—might actually lead to unintended skin issues, not to mention a wounded bank account. Often, though, scrolling through Instagram or shopping our favorite beauty retailers (where we see roughly a million face masks per minute) makes us feel like we’re supposed to have a super-bountiful collection of masking options. Well, we’re here to shout nay.

Being the beauty-and-skincare enthusiasts we are, we decided to help you pare down your options depending on how your complexion is wired. Whether you veer oily, combination, sensitive, dry, normal, or acne-prone or are looking for the best face masks geared toward anti-aging, we found four of the best options specifically suited to enhance, improve, and heal your skin. Below, you’ll find one splurge-worthy face mask, one budget-priced face mask, one sheet mask, and one super-clean face mask targeted for each skin type. (Some handily happen to fall into more than one category for a few win-win situations.) So feel free to browse through all of our editor-selected face-mask options, or simply speed ahead to your specific complexion type. Keep scrolling!