The 27 Best Curly Hair Products in Every Category

If this year’s quarantine has taught me one thing, it’s that my curly hair hasn’t gotten the love and attention it deserves from me over the years. Up until recently (April, to be exact), I had never even let my type 4 coils dry into their natural, springy shape. I was devoted to blow-drying and flat-ironing them bone straight every week like clockwork. Now, there’s nothing wrong with straightening your hair, but I began to realize that I was only doing it because I’d always considered my hair texture too wild, unmanageable, and, dare I say, unattractive to let it thrive in its natural state. (Don’t worry. I’m dedicated to unlearning that internalized racism!)

Growing to love my hair has been an enlightening experience, but I also recognize that it can be stressful figuring out where to start. Those with type 2, 3, and 4 curl patterns can attest that embracing your curls is a process that can take a lot of time, patience, and trial and error. But learning what does and doesn’t work for our hair really is a fun and self-actualizing journey that offers more clarity and healing than you might think. And while everyone is different, it really does help to hear about the best curly hair products that have worked for others.

So here I am, a curly girl on a mission to spread some love with a list of the products I’ve found to be indispensable in my haircare routine. Whether you’re just starting to learn about your curly hair (good for you!) or are simply looking for some tried-and-true products to add to your routine, there’s something for everyone. Keep scrolling to check out the washday, styling, and maintenance essentials that have made my natural hair journey a breeze.