The 27 Best Casual Dresses With Long Sleeves

We have unofficially entered a new era of dressing where comfort is prioritized above all else. Even classic items like jeans are being pushed to the wayside in light of this new predominately at-home lifestyle. As we adopt more and more loungewear into our wardrobes, it’s easy to convince yourself that looking cute equals feeling uncomfortable, but I am here to tell you that absolutely isn’t the case. 

Casual long sleeve dresses are my go-to’s when wanting to look polished while also feeling comfortable. Be it a cozy sweaterdress or breezy shirtdress, the selection ahead will show you exactly why I love casual long sleeve dresses so much. Besides the fact that the fall season requires a tad more coverage when it comes to your garments, the dresses ahead will have you wanting to give your sweats a rest for a little as you embrace this comfortable dress style