The 25 Best Parka Jackets for Women

The bread-and-butter of a winter wardrobe is outerwear. After all, it’s the item you simply can’t leave your apartment without when temperatures are low. Depending on where you live, outerwear may remain a long-time seasonal staple being almost as important as your morning coffee. That being said, choosing a piece that you’ll love is even more important.

When outerwear comes to mind, the body-hugging peacoat or bulky duffle coat may be considered the go-to choice. Though these two keep us warm to a certain degree, what option do we have when the temperatures get extreme? 

Enter the parka, the supreme of outerwear. This utilitarian layer has undergone a transformation over the last several decades. Though it was invented in Canada to insulate hunters and kayakers, it’s now a full-on fashion staple—one that also happens to keep you nice and toasty. Though it’s still meant to endure the great outdoors, the well-insulated garment has evolved into something greater. Ahead, discover the different parka jacket trends happening right now.