The 25 Best Cotton Face Masks, According to Reviews

Who would have thought back in March that come fall, we would be scouting out the perfect masks that are both fashionable and comfortable? Yet here we are, wanting to ensure we keep you on trend and safe as we embrace our new norm. As fellow mask enthusiasts, we have compiled a list of the 25 cotton masks that are simply the best, according to reliable product reviews. To save you from opening up a million tabs on your browser and reading and re-reading an endless number of buyers’ thoughts on the products, we did all the work for you. 

Ahead, get ready to shop all of the best cotton face masks on the market, according to real customer reviews. From simple colors to festive patterns, the 25 cotton masks ahead have been tried and tested by many before you, so we suggest you find the one you like best, add it to your cart, and never look back.