The 25 Best Comfortable Flats That Won’t Cause Pain

When you think of a “comfortable shoe choice,” flats undoubtedly come to mind. But as many of us probably can speak to from experience, not all flats are actually comfortable. No, they may not have the same type of discomfort as sky-high heels, but many seemingly comfy silhouettes can still pinch, cause blisters, and the like. That said, there are a range of chic styles out there that will give your feet a break.

To highlight said flats, we went straight to the review sections of some of our go-to shops to uncover the styles fellow customers say are truly comfortable with over four stars and above. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to check out a range of flats, including loafers, ballet flats, sandals, and so on. You’ll also see an actual customer testimonial for each to highlight the flats even more.