The 24 Best-Reviewed Simple Shoe Styles

There’s a strong chance you have a solid footwear offering made up of your staples like sneakers, sandals, and mules. Well, if you’re interested in adding a few more pairs to your collection or simply want some shoe inspiration to note for the future, what’s coming your way may be particularly intriguing. Yep, below we’re showcasing a range of chic shoes for you to consider.

Specifically, we’re focusing on those simple silhouettes that are incredibly versatile and could work for a range of styles. The picks in question also just so happen to be under $100 as well. To add another layer, we focused on shoes that are particular crowd-pleasers in that they’re rated well with four stars and above at some of those go-tos like NordstromAmazon, and Shopbop.

Keep scrolling to check out top-rated simple shoes, complete with actual customer testimonials as well.