The 24 Best Quality Women’s Sweaters, According to Editors

It’s no secret that when the temperature starts to drop, sweaters become a permanent fixture in your outfit rotation. But when your trusty favorites start to pill and lose their touch over time, it can be a chore to have to keep repurchasing new stock. Shopping for sweaters can be difficult, because while a sweater may look good, quality and comfort also come at top priority. Instead of having to test out the waters yourself, I reached out to our trusty editors for their go-to sweater picks that have passed the WWW quality test. Safe to say they provided, and if there’s anyone that knows style and quality, it’s our team

From versatile classics to trendy prints, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to view the quality brands to add to your everyday fall wardrobe below—you never know if you’ll discover your new favorite.