The 24 Best Flats for Fall That Are So Comfortable

When you think about the most comfortable shoes in your wardrobe, a pair of sneakers may come to mind first. But flats can actually be just as comfy. But here’s the thing. Even with the flat silhouette, many of the styles out there can be deceiving with many pinching and rubbing in the wrong spots to create discomfort. But we went on a mission to uncover not only cute styles that could be of interest to bring sophistication and polish to a look, but also comfortable picks as well.

To find said styles, we dove into the customer review sections of various retailers to see real feedback from people that have tested out the flats and rated them on comfort. In the end, there were 24 standouts with four stars and above, including ballet silhouettes, mules, and loafers. Keep scrolling for more—you may just spot your new go-to pair.