The 24 Best Cheap Dresses That Look So Expensive

It’s a universally shared fact that some days it’s harder to find the motivation to piece together an outfit more than others. Be it due to waking up late, feeling uninspired by your closet, or just an unwillingness to shell out the time and effort into creating a look worthy of an Instagram post, we’re not always in the mindset to look street style–ready.

For these days, we like to have a few back-up plans to rely on like a saved folder of outfit inspiration, some pre-styled looks we’ve created for a rainy day, or, the easiest trick in the book: a stockpile of great dresses. It’s always good to have an arsenal of dresses that capture the throw-on-and-go spirit without looking like you just, well, threw on and went. The right dress has the power to carry a look on its back, cutting out the need to fuss over finding the right shoes, bag, and whatever else you feel the need top off an ace outfit. Even better is it doesn’t even have to cost you more than a fraction of what you’re willing to spend.

Skip ahead for 24 affordable dresses that will truly do all of the work of pulling together a good look for you.