The 23 Best Winter Shoes From Zara

Everything about Zara is pretty damn irresistible, but it’s the shoes that really get me. I appreciate that they offer something for every occasion and style type, whether I’m shopping for a special occasion, every day, or work. And since new Zara winter shoes are being stocked every week, if there isn’t anything that strikes my fancy at a given time (which is rare, TBH), there probably will be in a few short days.

Given the season, Zara’s latest shoe drop is filled with cool-girl party shoes, cozy ankle boots, vacation-worthy styles, luxe leather knee-high boots, and gorgeous embellished heels. Since the offerings are slightly overwhelming (that’s how Zara rolls), I combed through all 687 pairs of Zara shoes in stock at press time a chose the 23 best ones. I must admit, it was time well spent.

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