The 23 Best Lounge Bras That Are So Comfortable

I have to come clean about something. I constantly rely on online reviews for my Who What Wear stories, but I very rarely ever write one myself on retailers’ websites. Perhaps I prefer to keep hidden gems a bit of a secret? Maybe since I write about clothes for a living, I don’t want to write when I’m off-duty? Whatever the reason is, it truly takes a lot for me to commit to writing reviews, which is why I’m particularly thankful when other people do it for me. 

I’m especially impressed when people write lengthy, descriptive reviews. For instance, this was one of my favorite reviews I came across while compiling this story on comfortable bras: “I feel like I’ve tried so many bralettes and non-wire bras and this one is just my absolute favorite. Its minimal coverage is enough to not peek out of my v-neck shirts; love that. It’s soooo comfortable. I had surgery earlier this year and honestly just had the black one on for like three days straight—didn’t take it off at night.” Convincing, right? Scroll down to shop well-reviewed, comfortable bras.