The 23 Best Long Jeans for Women That Are So Flattering

Not gonna lie, I’m not particularly jazzed at the idea of reconfiguring my entire (extensive) denim collection, but, unfortunately, I don’t get to choose what’s cool in fashion and what’s not. I’m just the messenger, and the message is that exposed ankles are on the way out, and longer jeans are on their way in. But before you bust out your floor-skimming bell-bottoms, let me get into the specifics.

This shift in trendy denim is actually quite subtle—nonetheless, it’s still very important. Think a one- to two-inch increase in the optimal jean length, so whereas right above the ankle used to be the sweet spot, now it’s just before the top of your foot. A perfect example being the above snap of street style star Nausheen Shah at New York Fashion Week taken just a few days ago. If, like me, you’re on the shorter side, this could mean simply skipping the tailor next time you buy jeans, but for others, it might involve actively seeking slightly longer pairs. Either way, I’ve got you covered with the coolest non-cropped jeans for the season ahead, all in one place. Just keep scrolling to start shopping.