The 23 Best Fall Fashion Buys—and What to Leave Behind

Cowboy Boots
As much as I wish I was all aboard the Western train, this footwear trend doesn’t mirror my aesthetic and therefore doesn’t really go with anything in my existing wardrobe. I’ll be leaving the cowgirl vibe to those better suited for it.

Skinny Jeans
The last few years, I’ve stopped wearing skinny jeans for a few reasons: 1) They’re really not that comfortable, and 2) I don’t find them to be all that flattering on my body. Even though there were a few key runways that spotlighted this slim silhouette (Celine, for example), I won’t be partaking.

Backless Loafers
I’ve become tired with this footwear trend, and because I live in New York and commute everywhere by foot, I need a fall shoe that doesn’t run the risk of falling off.

Chunky Sneakers
I already have big feet… I don’t need to emphasize them with clown-like kicks. End of story.

My love affair with tie-dye is far from over, but I’ll be retiring this psychedelic pattern for the time being to make way for moody florals and cozy plaids.