The 21 Halloween Costume Trends That Will Dominate 2020

The fall beckons in one of the best holidays: Halloween. Other than the candy, which admittedly is one of my favorite things about this holiday, being able to dress up is something that brings me a great deal of joy. And while there’s no telling what or how this year’s festivities will look, that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the spirit to celebrate this year. If you’re still wondering, “What Halloween costume trends will come from this time?” I’m placing big bets that the biggest Halloween costume trend will come from one of the hobbies that have filled many people’s quarantine: binge-watching TV shows. 

Yes, I’m talking about costumes inspired by television’s most popular shows of the moment. Because let’s be real—we’ve been spending a copious amount of time with stylish television characters, have fallen in love with the costume designers behind breakout shows like Normal People, and have comfort in rewatching ’90s television shows, so why wouldn’t our Halloween costumes be inspired by them this year? Not only are these ideas versatile enough to be worn for binge-watching at home or socially distanced gatherings, but they can also include pieces we already own so that we’re not spending extra money on a pair of wings we wear once. 

Still not convinced television show–inspired Halloween costumes are going to be the biggest trend this year? Keep scrolling to see the most binge-worthy shows that are bound to inspire your Halloween costume, along with how to recreate this trend at home with what pieces you already have at home.