The 21 Best Winter Candles That Smell So Good

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve taken a keen interest in making my WFH space as cute and efficient as possible this year. As I type this, I have a few key things handy: a chai latte, headphones, an aesthetically pleasing lamp, and some beauty products like lip balm and a face mist. But my favorite desk item is definitely a candle. It really helps me create a serene space that’s enjoyable and fun to work in, and that’s where this story comes in.

I’m a sucker for any and all winter-themed candles that remind me of the holiday season—no matter how cheesy they may be. Give me all of your scents of pine, fir, amber, mulled wine, vanilla, spices, eucalyptus, and more, and I’ll be one happy camper (minus the need to actually go camping in the woods). Scroll down to shop my favorite winter candles of all time.