The 21 Best Mesh Leggings on the Internet

If your activewear collection is in need of some major TLC this time of year, then you’re in luck, because we just found the easiest solution to breathing a bit of life into it. Enter mesh leggings, the coolest new alternative to the classic black workout pants that you probably (let’s be honest, most likely) wear 24/7. It’s no secret that leggings have officially become a gym-to-brunch stapleand it’s also practically fact that the right workout wares (e.g., cute, trend-forward, fun ones) actually have the ability to motivate you to go to the fitness center. 

Trust us—mesh leggings are officially the coolest athletic staple to hit the market since, well, bike shorts. They’re classic, but the sheer element, which can be super subtle in the form of mesh paneling along the side or super-bold with an entire mesh calf, adds an undeniably edgy touch. Aside from adding eye-catching detailing, the mesh components also further the breathability of leggings. Fashionable and functional? We told you they were great. Ahead, see and shop the 21 best mesh leggings on the internet, all of which ring in at under $140.