The 21 Best Chanel Consignment Items on the Internet

“Thanks, it’s Chanel.” Want to be able to utter these words without spending two months of rent on one of the most covetable brands in the industry? I scoured the best resale sites, including Gilt, The Real Real, and Vestiaire, to uncover the very best Chanel items you don’t have to pay retail prices for. For instance, you have plenty of under-$250 options that range from the perfect miniskirt to the ideal party shoes. (Spring can’t come quickly enough.)

I also found some drool-worthy items that are guaranteed to stand the test of time, including Chanel logo earrings and a quilted wallet. For more trend-oriented shoppers, a kind-hearted person has parted ways with her tweed sneakers to give you the chance to snag them at a fraction of the original over-$800 price. Plus, a pretty silk bra top is perfectly aligned with the lingerie-as-outerwear trend that celebrities love to wear on the red carpet. Scroll down to shop the 21 best Chanel items from online consignment shops.