The 2018 World Series matchups we most (and least) want to see

Barring a miracle, we know the five playoff teams in the American League. We basically know nothing in the National League, except the Braves are getting pretty close to a sure thing in the NL East. We have drama every night in those tense NL races, but I have to admit, I’m already dreaming of potential World Series matchups …

The We Definitely Don’t Want to See These Matchups

Cardinals vs. Red Sox: I don’t think I need to explain this one. For starters, they just played in 2013. And I just realized this: The Cardinals could finish in third place and win the World Series. We’ve had wild-card teams win, but never a third-place wild-card team. A third-place team with 90 wins or so beating a team with 109 wins would feel like an anticlimactic ending to the season. That means this is now probably inevitable. Congratulations on your World Series title, Cardinals fans. The only way I’d be OK with this is if Harrison Bader wins World Series MVP honors.