The 20 Prettiest Tops on the Internet, Hands Down

As much as I stan a relaxed, lived-in basic tee, there’s something unequivocally enticing about a pretty top. The term “pretty top” doesn’t necessarily do it justice, though, so I’ll elaborate on what it means to me. In order to be deemed such, the blouse in question needs to fulfill a certain set of expectations. Generally, there’s a romantic color palette involved, like pale rose, sage green, or a nice floral pattern. You’ll also find delicate design details like ruffles, lace, or smocking. The silhouette certainly comes into play, whether it be via a puff sleeve or a peplum effect. All of these elements come together to formulate a pretty top that you can throw on and instantly feel confident in—often, even if the rest of the outfit is simple, like a slip skirt or pair of jeans.

If you’re looking to add pretty tops to your closet, I’m here to help kick-start your efforts. I spent a long time on the internet whittling down the best of the best for you to shop (20, to be exact).