The 20 Best Selling Zara Items Right Now

Call us nosy, but we’re consistently curious to find out what everyone else is adding to their wardrobes for a new season—especially when it comes to Zara purchases. The affordable, trend-forward mainstay is always turning out fresh pieces in fun patterns and pretty silhouettes, and this spring seems to be a peak in terms of their stylish designs.

So we followed our gut and uncovered the top-selling items at Zara. (Unsurprisingly, they’re all super chic.) Want to see what they are? We thought as much. Below, you’ll find a mix of wardrobe staples like cotton dresses and tailored blazers, but you’ll also find cool pieces like raffia platform sandals and a tie-dye slip dress well-suited for music festival season. All 20 of the picks should satiate your Zara thirst (for at least the next month).