The 20 Best Beauty Products to Use If You Live in New York

As someone who was born in raised in Minnesota, went to college in Wisconsin, got my first job in San Francisco, and now resides and works in Los Angeles, I have absolutely zero business handing out NYC-geared beauty advice. That said, having been in the beauty industry for a little over two years now, I’ve met plenty of amazing East Coast editors who 100% do.

Between walking, subway-ing (yes, I’m inventing this word), and dealing with all kinds of crazy weather and environmental conditions (snow! heat! humidity! pollution!), it’s safe to say New York presents a certain kind of obstacle course when it comes to nailing an A+ beauty aesthetic. So what does the NYC-based beauty set know about product shopping that we non–New Yorkers don’t? Below, some of my favorite women well-versed in East Coast beauty essentials are sharing the products they swear by—not only to survive crazy city life but to ensure they look damn good while doing so. Keep scrolling for all of their must-have products. (And trust me, this intel is helpful regardless of your locale.)