The 20 Best Anti-Aging Moisturizers With SPF

A few months ago, I started moonlighting as a beauty writer. In my 10-year journalism career, I’ve written about health, interior design, pregnancy and parenting, technology, food… a wide variety of topics, but never beauty, aside from an article or two. So when the opportunity arose to write some beauty stories for Who What Wear, in addition to my normal 9-to-5 as managing editor of THE/THIRTY, I thought why not? I love learning new things, and beauty is a fun subject to cover!

I want to assure you that even though I’m a bit of a novice in the beauty-insider world, I actually did know some things about makeup and skincare before this, so I’m not completely inept. As I write more in-depth stories, I’ve really enjoyed investigating the heck out of everything (see: sunscreen, cellulite, and exfoliating). And while I don’t have my Ph.D. in beauty just yet, there is one skincare “mistake” that makes me cringe: not wearing sunscreen every day.