The 20 Best Affordable Summer Pieces We’re Buying Now

As many Internet memes have pointed out, summer is already halfway over and honestly… what was that? If your sentiments toward the rapid passing of the season are the same, then it’s time you start appreciating the half of summer that’s left and I cannot think of a better way to do that besides a little bargain shopping. Now that you’ve already lived out half of summer 2020, you know what seasonal items are missing from your closet and there’s no time like the present to add them to cart.

In case you need a little inspiration, I’ve forced my lovely co-workers into sharing the cheap mid-summer finds they have been eyeing as of late. From $20 bikinis to new lounge shorts, these stylish editors prove they know where it’s at when it comes to affordable yet cute items. With not one product ringing in at more than $100, there’s no reason why the second half of summer has to be a sad one. Go on and scroll down, you’ll see.