The 20 Best Affordable Sneakers on Amazon Under $100

I own a lot of sneakers. Currently, there are over 25 pairs sitting in my closet. Some are for working out, but mostly they’re for wearing every day to work or on the weekends. To own so many pairs means that I also happen to shop for them quite frequently. As I’m generally on a budget (and also pretty picky), there’s one place I turn to for affordable sneakers: Amazon.

The online retail giant not only has pretty much every product (in every size) imaginable, but the little details—quick shipping, frequent discounts—also make it the ideal place to refresh my tried-and-true footwear (along with a toothbrush and a new best-selling novel).

Since I know that the volume of products on Amazon can actually make it more difficult to figure out what to wear (paradox of choice, I see you), I curated 20 styles you should consider adding to your own sneaker collection. From the straight-up classics to fun styles in bold colors or funky prints, it’s all below, so go ahead and start shopping.