The 18 Best Black Knee-High Boots on the Market

The boot trend we’re about to dive into is nothing new. In fact, it’s quite a classic: knee-high boots. While knee-high boots come in many colorways and varieties, it’s black knee-high boots, in particular, that fashion girls are taking a liking to this fall season, and so far, they are only styling them one way. Instead of pairing the boot trend with skinny jeans, tights, or lengthier hemlines, they are taking things to the next level and are styling the shoes with completely bare legs. 

From minidresses to short shorts, Instagram has proven that this season, knee-high boots are destined for bare legs and bare legs only and we have the outfit photos to prove it. Ahead, scroll through some of my current favorite looks featuring the new bare-legs–and–knee-high-boots combination and shop some of the best knee-high boots on the market