The 18 Best Beauty Products for Travel, According to Editors

Personally, the process of traveling stresses me out. Sure, I’m happy as a clam once I’ve arrived at my final destination A) in one piece, B) with the precise number of bags I started with, and C) hopefully with a slight buzz (if I’m traveling for pleasure and not work, of course). However, one thing that always helps me feel and look calm, cool, and collected post-flight is my ride-or-die collection of beauty staples. I’ve spent years honing my small hoard, and now I keep a certain number of TSA-approved products on my person at all times when traveling—regardless of where I’m going or how long I’m air-bound. So I thought I’d divulge. After all, now that the holiday season has come and gone, many of us have our eyes set on a springtime getaway. (We’ll just never lose that spring-break fever.) 

Since many of my fellow fashion and beauty editors are also always on the go, I thought I’d ask to take a peek inside their travel-ready stash of beauty products as well. Ahead, 18 of the best beauty products for travel that have our beauty- and fashion-minded stamp of approval. We promise: Your frazzled, post-flight self will thank us later!