The 17 Opal Engagement Rings You’ll See Everywhere

At this point, you’ve probably already realized that unconventional engagement rings are more popular than ever before. From unique modern ring settings to alternative diamond shapes, it’s clear that the trend isn’t slowing down any time soon. Whether you’re expecting to be engaged soon or not, if you’re the type of woman who loves the truly unconventional, consider an opal engagement ring.

Among all of the gemstones to choose from for your potential engagement ring, an opal—with its celestial vibes and iridescent sheen—will feel truly magical. Sitting next to smaller diamonds to enhance its luminance, or standing out on its own, it’s safe to say your opal engagement ring will be hard to ignore. Ready to look at beautiful nontraditional engagement rings? We pulled together our favorites on the market that are so mesmerizing you’ll want to send a hint to your S.O. the moment you see them.