The 17 Most Stylish Ikea Items Approved by Editors

Do the words “spring cleaning” mean anything to you? The impending change of season is the perfect excuse to do an inventory of your home (and make some practical upgrades while you’re at it). Of course, there’s pretty much no place better to look for affordable home items than IKEA, whether you want to finally get rid of your wire hangers or find a sleek storage solution for all of your new shoe purchases. To help you source through the retailer’s overwhelming selection, I tapped my fellow editors to offer their expert picks.

Our editor in chief, Kat Collings, has some ideas if you’re looking to organize your necklaces and miscellaneous items like buttons and safety pins—for a mere $25, I might add. Meanwhile, managing editor Kristen Nichols found the perfect #OOTD mirror, and market editor Nicole Eshaghpour sourced the ideal coat rack to avoid cluttering your entryway. Scroll down to see all the items our fashion and beauty editors would buy at IKEA—your home will thank you.