The 17 Best Summer Hair Products for Healthy Strands

Dear summer, although we love you dearly, you annually present an ever-increasing onslaught of hair sins: sun, sweat, sand, salt, stainage, scorch, and countless other forms of strand sacrilege. So, when you (finally) roll around each year, our excitement is always met with catch-22 nervousness. What kind of carnage, dear summer, will you inflict on my hair this year? 

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be like this. Quite honestly, it’s more so about you (and your care habits), and not so much about summer. I mean, it is summer, but how you choose to maneuver the season with strategic hair products will make all the difference. Outfitted with a little extra care and guidance, you can totally customize your summer hair routine with all the best formulas to combat the seasonal side effects you don’t want while welcoming all the ones that you do. Ahead, we’re highlighting 17 of the best new hair products destined for summer and season-long good hair days. Still skeptical? Keep scrolling!