The 17 Best Summer Dresses for Work

Dressing for the office when it’s really hot outside is always a challenge, as you question what is and isn’t appropriate for the workplace. A little while back, we turned our co-founder Hillary Kerr’s unparalleled advice into a story on the number one bra “rule” that should be applied while dressing for the office. “I’ve always felt that if an outfit requires a ‘stunt bra’—meaning strapless, one-shoulder, or whatever—it probably isn’t the best choice for the office. It’s a boring rule of thumb, but I think it’s important to err on the side of professionalism versus the ultimate expression of your personal style—at least when you’re at work,” says Kerr.

We know what you’re thinking—what about the off-the-shoulder trend? Here at Who What Wear HQ, wearing off-the-shoulder anything is a huge no. While we all clearly love to wear the fun summer style on the weekends, according to Kerr’s go-to bra rule, it simply is not appropriate for the office. Sadly (and obviously), that means no off-the-shoulder dresses, which are basically the most popular dress style of the summer—we know! But don’t stress out too much, because we’ve rounded up the best summer dresses that are 100% work-appropriate. In our book, that means midi length, shoulder coverage, and no plunging necklines. Ready to shop?

Go on to see and shop dresses that are appropriate for the office during the summer.