The 17 Best Sports Bras for Runners, According to Reviews

Whether you’ve been running like a pro for years on end or are just getting started, one of the best aspects of the sport is how accessible it is for just about anyone. And while you may have already bought the best shoes on the market, there’s one other thing to really consider before you head out the door: the best sports bras for running. While it certainly doesn’t hurt that you can wear some of the chicest outfits on your regular jogs, having the right sports bra will make all the difference—trust us.

To make sure your runs are as comfortable as possible, we asked model and personal trainer Jill de Jong what to look for when shopping for your sports bras. “When I look for a sports bra, I look for soft, stretchy fabrics because comfort is key and you feel better the more often and longer you run,” she tells us. “For larger busts, get good coverage and support. A lot of cute, fashionable bras will look great but aren’t ideal to run in.”

With that in mind, start shopping our favorite sports bras that will give you all the support you need for your next run.