The 17 Best Cashmere Scarves at Every Price Point

Dressing for the cold winter months is all about layering. It’s really the trick for not only staying warm but also stepping outside the house looking stylish. While a warm parka certainly helps on freezing days, it’s really the extra accessories that will keep you bundled up. And a cashmere scarf is no doubt one of the most versatile winter accessories.

A cashmere scarf—the softest and most luxurious version out there—is the ultimate winter essential. You can wear one with everything from a leather jacket and jeans on brisk days to your warmest down-filled puffer coat when the temperatures really start to dip. We’ve rounded up the very best cashmere scarves on the internet at every price point. From infinitely scarves to long fringed scarves to even one adorned with a Rottweiler print, there’s a style for everyone. Shop our favorite pieces here, starting at $50.