The 16 Best Dark Hair Colors to Try for Winter

Twenty-twenty has been an interesting year for hair. In many areas of the country, salons have been forced to shut down repeatedly due to a worldwide pandemic, and all of a sudden, things we took for granted (e.g., easy, breezy trims, in-person color consultations, and even an impromptu, drastic color change) are difficult if not impossible altogether. Our hearts are with all of the salons and artists who have had to close up shop, and even though many of us aren’t currently able to book an appointment with a stylist or colorist, we still want to stay up-to-date with trends, tips, tricks, and lots of inspiration for when we do have free reign at the salon again.

Interestingly, even though going darker for fall and winter has always been a popular direction (we blame the duskier days and colder temperatures), the lack of access to professional hair artists this year has caused an even steeper climb to the dark side. After all, going darker is pretty much guaranteed to require less maintenance than going lighter, so it’s the perfect way to switch up your hair MO if your next salon appointment isn’t necessarily set in stone.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still front and center, most of my clients, whether they’re blonde, redhead, or brunette, are looking to simplify their routines and their approach to their hair color,” says Kadi Lee, celebrity colorist and co-founder of Venice-based beauty atelier Highbrow Hippe. “That means that many of them have decided to go a bit darker for winter.

Below, we’re sharing some of the best celeb-inspired shades of brown hair we currently have tucked into our Saved folder, and we’re breaking down everything you need to know about potentially going darker this winter. Keep scrolling!