The 15-Piece Winter Packing List for Europe

Everybody loves planning a trip until it comes down to actually packing everything before your next adventure. Yes, you got your passport renewed, your European travel board on Pinterest is completely updated, and you have written down of your Notes app all the vintage stores, restaurants, and tourist traps you want to visit (or avoid), but you also need to think about what you’re actually going to wear.

Before you go crazy overpacking, consider a few key things. First and foremost, you need to check the weather. Once you’ve got the forecast figured out, that will dictate what is essential and what you can leave behind. Second, you can’t let your imagination get the best of you. Sure, all those outfits in your head are amazing, but chances are you aren’t going to wear them. Instead, keep it simple and remember that you’re most likely going to shop quite a lot when overseas, so by taking less with you, you’ll leave more room on the trip back for all your new finds.

Now, having that in mind, we’ve put together a winter packing list for Europe so you can streamline your closet well enough that it may even fit in a carry-on bag. And if not, you will definitely have room to fill it in with newly acquired goods. From pre-planned outfits that will go with the comfortable pair of shoes, you will take to explore every nook and cranny of your chosen city, these essentials are surely fit for a trip to remember.