The 15 Best Natural Sunscreens You’ve Never Heard Of

Market research shows that as the two billion dollar suncare industry continues to grow, organic products will be the driving force. As consumers become savvier about the potential irritants and health risks of synthetic chemicals (especially when it comes to a product you use as much as sunscreen), beauty brands are listening. Now, in summer 2019, there are exponentially more all-natural sunscreen options in skincare aisles than ever before. (Natural, by the way, means devoid of artificial chemicals and fragrances that could harm your skin and the ocean.) So many, in fact, that sometimes the best products get overshadowed by the buzziest ones.

The following list is dedicated to those under-the-radar finds—the top-rated sunscreens you’ve probably never heard of. These 15 picks, all available on Amazon for $36 or less, have dozens if not hundreds or thousands of positive consumer reviews. They’re total sleeper hits. Seriously—Amazon’s natural beauty selection is low-key incredible.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the top sunscreen: the highly reviewed $13 pick with the most ratings of any other natural SPF on Amazon.