The 15 Best Highlighters of All Time, According to Editors

If there’s one product in the whole world of beauty that really gets me going, it’s highlighter. My never-ending pursuit of Jennifer Lopez–level glowy skin is anchored by a solid skincare routine, but there’s no denying that highlighter is the glue that holds the whole luminous endeavor together.

It’s my firm belief that a good highlighter can be the difference between a good day and a great day, and, in fact, it’s one of the only makeup products I still wear consistently. As coincidence would have it, all my co-workers are similarly obsessed, and boy oh boy, do they have some good intel for you.

Since Zoom calls with team Who What Wear almost require sunglasses due to the radiant complexions of everyone from our editor in chief to our fashion and beauty editors, I figured I’d ask my pals to drop their favorites for your viewing pleasure. Here, find the 15 editor-approved highlighters we love most (one of them appears in this list more than once, so you know it’s lit) along with photo evidence of their superiority.