The 15 Best Drugstore Concealers for Every Skin Concern

Having an A+ concealer in our makeup arsenal pretty much makes us feel like we can take on the world. We know a breakout of blemishes, bruise-like dark circles, and other instances of discoloration are normal and for the most part largely out of our control as mere human beings. (Hey, sometimes Netflix just sounds better than sleep or we mindlessly forget to pack our visor before heading to the beach.) However, that doesn’t mean we always want to show them off. We’re very much in favor of feeling comfortable enough to go bare-faced, but for those times when we want to look like a glistening circle-, zit-, and pigmentation-free version of ourselves, an effective concealer is the ultimate antidote. Better yet, we’d rather make it an affordable drugstore formula that will save us bank account–induced stress sweats. Because yes, they do exist, and we found 15 options coming in at $12 or less to prove it.

On account of the fact we blow through concealer almost as fast as laundry quarters or Starbucks gift cards, we just don’t find it savvy—or necessary—to spend an arm, leg, and entire month’s cocktail budget on a concealer we’ll swipe and blend away to the last drop in 30 days’ time. Among the sparkling, fluorescent aisles of your local drugstore or the enticing offerings on Amazon, you can find a healthy crop of amazing drugstore concealers with a knack for filtering away dark circles, covering (and preventing!) blemishes, and nixing any other annoying or unwanted skin woes.

Since there’s a lot to wade through, we rolled up our sleeves so you wouldn’t have to and located the 15 best drugstore-priced concealer sticks, pots, and liquids lurking in the magic waters of Amazon. Ahead, 15 formulas you can buy for $12 and under and which we personally entrust when it comes to curbing our own shadowy or acne-prone skin woes.