The 14 Best Leather Trench Coats on the Internet

It’s true—over the last few weeks, perhaps even month, I’ve spent (at the very least) 10 hours shopping for the perfect leather trench both online, and, if you can believe it, in actual stores. I wanted something classic, on the longer side and not too oversized to suit my 5’2″ frame (not an easy feat for this picky shopper, I must say). However, while after a rocky beginning the outcome was looking a little bleak, today I’m pleased to tell you that not only did I end up finding the perfect one for me, but I also came across plenty of other worthy contenders at all different price points along the way.

Curious to know which I landed on plus which others have my approval? To shop my finds and see some of the Instagram inspiration that got me wanting a leather trench so badly in the first place, just keep scrolling.