The 14 Best Items From Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Reformation

As fashion editors, we tend to be pretty savvy shoppers. We see a lot of brands and styles come across our desks and through our inboxes, so we become increasingly more selective with our purchases as time goes on. Something really has to stand out as being particularly special or versatile to get us to hit the “purchase” button. So you know when we do, it’s a safe bet that the item is worthwhile.

Always curious about others shopping habits, I asked the WWW editorial team which pieces they’ve purchased recently that they haven’t been able to stop wearing. I noticed a pattern with our team in that almost all of their favorite purchases came from the same few retailers—and I totally understand why. These are the retailers you can count on for quality products at great price points, and they always have a large selection. From the sneakers we run around fashion week in to the jeans we basically live in, below, each editor shares their best recent purchases and what makes each one such a standout item.