The 14 Best Eyelash Curlers to Transform Your Lashes

When it comes to nailing down your beauty routine, there’s the “easy” stuff like finding your ideal everyday lipstick. Then, there’s the hard stuff like tracking down an eyelash curler that actually makes a visual difference. Maybe your ongoing search has been so frustrating that you’ve simply settled for a great mascara. But trust us—the right eyelash curler makes such a difference in this step of your makeup routine, not to mention its ability to make your eyes look fresh and awake, even on those days when you’re not diving into the rest of your beauty routine.

Finding the perfect match is easier said than done (trial and error, right?), so we thought we’d give you a head start with a roundup of eyelash curlers that actually work. (After all, as beauty editors, most of us have tested out a lot.) Ahead, each member of our beauty team shares their go-to lash curler along with why they love it. And we’ve got the pics to show for it. Just to make sure the results are super clear, we picked one eye to curl with the eyelash curler and left the other simply with a swipe of mascara.