The 13 Most Popular Handbags of 2019, Hands Down

This just might be the year that the It bag evolved into something entirely new. This year we witnessed a bag so popular even we couldn’t get our hands on it, iconic designs resurrected from decades earlier, and affordable purses with a cult following that rival designs 10 times their price. We also saw just-launched brands become popular overnight thanks in part to Instagram and its power to elicit discovery on a global scale.

What we have in 2019 is a group of It bags that include many of the key luxury brands you would normally expect, but also bags from on-the-rise labels that are reaching cult status in a way that they haven’t in the past. Ahead, discover the 13 popular purses that have defined the meaning of It bag in 2019 (so far). Keep scrolling to find out why each of these bags made the cut and shop our edit.