The 13 Best Swimsuits at Every Price Point

I’ll be honest: There are a number of reasons I’m thankful for this job—I shop all day; I’m (virtually) surrounded by the best co-workers; I get to work with amazing brands; etc.; etc. But I think the best part about it is that I finally have an outlet to share my love for finding people cute things to wear. Before (and, okay, after) I became an editor, I’d spam my friends with daily messages telling them about all the fun items I found on the internet, whether they asked for it or not. Though lately, I’ve toned it down (now I just assume they keep up with my articles on the site, if they’re interested in what I’m currently eyeing), I still can’t help myself when I discover something really good.

So since my love for bikinis has evidently surpassed my love for any other summer product this season, I thought it might be fun to help my friends with finding—get ready for a bold statement—the suit of their dreams. So I asked them for their budget and a description of what they were looking for, and one text later, I had everything I needed to get my friends (and myself… I couldn’t help it. I have an obsession!) their perfect set. Want to see what I found? Keep scrolling.