The 12 Best Y2K Beauty Products and the 2021 Version of Each

Is it just me, or is the resurgence of Y2K everything kinda the best thing that could happen post-pandemic? Sure, 2000s-era trends were beginning their epic comeback prior to the worldwide lockdown, but those early aughts beauty and fashion nods have only gained momentum in the interim, reaching a fever-pitch just in time for the world’s slow but sure re-opening. And really, what could be better? Y2K-centric trends brim with color, fun, and a whimsical retro edginess that, after an incredibly stressful year, feels like a brothy slurp of chicken soup for the soul. 

On the fashion side, we have nostalgia-inducing fodder like colorful sunglasses, flatform flip-flops, glitzy tube tops, baguette bags, and baby tees to revel in, and the latest beauty launches are serving up just as many yummy throwbacks: sugary-sweet fragrances, glimmering skin glosses, personalized bedazzled hair clips… Basically anything and everything you’d need to fit right in with the casts of Bring It On, Crossroads, or your favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley movie.

Inspired, I’ve taken it upon myself to create the ultimate Y2K beauty capsule. Not only will it serve as a spirit-warming trip down memory lane, but it just might give your beauty M.O. a nostalgic jolt of zing just in time for summer. Below, you’ll find 12 of the most essential Y2K beauty products you most definitely owned (or wanted!) in the early 2000s, alongside the newer, 2021 versions that make the throwback feel a little more sophisticated and on-trend. Keep scrolling! You’re in for a treat.