The 12 Best Micellar Waters Money Can Buy

There’s no denying the fascination many of us have with the magical aura of French skincare routines and the specific brands and products French women swear by to keep their complexions in pristine, glowing condition. One commandment of French skincare? Simplicity. Which, is perhaps why multi-functioning micellar water solutions are one of the most iconic staples of French regimens

Used to simultaneously clean the skin and remove makeup (but without harsh soaps, fragrances, or other skin-stripping additives), micellar waters are a handy, no-rinse alternative to your typical cleansers or toners. As the name suggests, the starring ingredient of the product category is micelles which basically act like mini magnets to attract and trap impurities in the skin like sebum, pollution, oil, makeup, and any other day-to-day residues. Plus, since the formulas are usually incredibly simple in chemistry and specifically feature non-irritating ingredients, they’re an excellent option for anyone with sensitive skin, especially. 

Due to micellar water’s popularity, there are countless options on the market, which makes it hard to discern which formulas make for the most worthwhile investment. So, we did some digging and identified 12 French-made micellar water formulas that all get top ratings from beauty editors and nit-picky consumers, alike. Keep scrolling for all the best French micellar water elixirs the beauty industry has to offer along with the best-selling skincare products to pair with them.