The 11 Prettiest Pearl Hoops Earrings to Hit Instagram

These days trends go head to head on Instagram and compete for your attention, so there’s no surprise why the accessories dominating at the moment are all of the loud and in-your-face variety (see crystal chandelier earrings). But every now and again, a subtler style will take hold and break through all the trend noise. Behold pearl hoop earrings. Pearl jewelry, in general, has been gaining ground over the past year and I think it’s safe to say that the days when pearls connoted anything remotely stuffy are gone.

Thanks to the lovely imperfection of baroque pearls and creative new designs with the stone, fashion girls are rekindling their romance with the classic jewelry. This latest wave of pearl hoop earrings has especially taken off on Instagram but we can’t say we’re wholly surprised. Plain hoop earrings are pretty much the cornerstone of any fashion girl’s jewelry collection so it makes sense that the addition of pearls only adds a fresh element to them.

Whether they’re stackable huggies with a single dropped stone or a pearl-covered hoop, you’ll soon see why we’re calling them the prettiest jewelry trend to hit the photo-sharing platform in recent history. Keep scrolling to see how they’re styled on the ‘gram and shop standout styles.