The 11 Best Fall Fashion Trends, According to New Yorkers

New Yorkers have a lot of varying opinions about things. The best spot in town for pizza, for example, is quite possibly the greatest debate among NYC dwellers. Some swear by Joe’s, some by Prince Street, and everything in between, but at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference (not that they will ever admit that). Accordingly, when I asked a handful of some of the most stylish fashion insiders in the city which fall trends they are passing on, the responses were not only all over the map—they were actually quite contradictory.

One of the most polarizing results was on colorful statement tights. Some of the ladies ahead listed it as the fall trend they are most excited to wear while others are banning it for good. The bottom line? None of the trends ahead are “out” or “in” per se—they are just ones that have left this particular group ahead feeling some type of way, so take it with a grain of salt and have fun deciding for yourself which fresh styles are right for you this season.

From houndstooth to luscious leather, get ready to find out which fall trends these stylish New Yorkers are passing on and wearing this season.