The 10 Most Popular Designer Jeans With a Cult Following

The market for jeans is vast, which means it can be quite a challenge to narrow down your selections. One easy way to filter out your picks, though? By choosing the styles that are super on trend for the new season, just like these five popular spring denim trends that are sure to blow up in the next few weeks. Another way to navigate the jam-packed jean market? By making your choices based off of some of the best-selling designer styles, because, well, there’s a reason they earned the title of most popular designer jeans.

But really, what are those top-selling jeans that have earned a cult following? Well, to find the most coveted designer denim of all time, we decided to turn to Instagram to uncover the styles that were spotted most often on our go-to street style stars. We’re fairly certain that you’ll love every pick in this roundup as much as the next, which is guaranteed to make your seasonal jean refresh much easier. Trust us. These are the pants you’ll wear year after year. They’re that good. Read on to see and shop the 10 most popular designer jeans that street style stars and celebrities can’t get enough of.