The 10 Best Swimsuits of 2020 Have Arrived

I really love swimsuits. I mean, it’s kind of abnormal how much I love them, especially considering I now live in New York and rarely get to wear them. I am originally from Orange County, so up until I made the major move across the country, summers looked like waking up, putting on a bikini and a big T-shirt, and heading to the beach every single day. That routine definitely helped me to grow into this swimsuit obsession that I still have today.

While I own an abnormal number of styles from many brands, I would be lying if I said I loved them all. Every time I go to put on a bikini or one-piece, there are always a few I am more drawn to than others, and today, I’m here to share with you the 10 that I swear are worth the money. From the fit to the prints to the styles, the swimsuits ahead are a step above the rest, at least according to my personal track record. 

Including the swimsuits I personally love and the ones that are currently on my wish list, go on to read about the swimsuits that are doing wonders for me this year.