The 10 Best Perfume Oils That Earn the Most Compliments

Here at Who What Wear, we’re firm believers in the power of fragrance. That effortlessly cool factor we’re always after takes into account one’s sartorial sensibilities and beauty expression via haircuts and color, but a person’s scent is like the fancy red ribbon tying the whole vibe together. And while there are endless scents that smack you in the face with bold notes in a good way (there’s a time and place for this, too), there’s one type that delivers big “I woke up like this” energy: perfume oil.

Now, we love a good eau de parfum as much as you do (our lives changed the day the OG Queer Eye guys taught us the “spray and walk away”), but there’s just something so chic and intimate about the type of scent payoff that comes from applying perfume oil to your pulse points. Don’t just take our word for it—Marie du Petit Thouars, founder of cult-favorite clean fragrance label Maison Louis Marie, says there are distinct differences that make oil-based scents more intimate. “We include more fragrance within the perfume oils, so technically, they are actually stronger. Although, the scent tends to be a bit more personal, staying closer to your own body, whereas an EDP tends to leave more of a tail.”

If there’s one thing that screams cool without trying, it’s the scent mystique perfume oils offer. Here, find the 10 best fragrance oils out there along with coordinating body products so you can layer to your heart’s content.